Visiting Your Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Gibson After an Auto Accident

Visiting Your Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Gibson After an Auto AccidentPerhaps you know that after an auto accident, it’s important to get checked out for injuries. Yet do you know why you should see a chiropractor in Sacramento after an auto accident, instead of a medical doctor?

Why See a Sacramento Chiropractor After an Auto Accident 

A chiropractor in Sacramento understands the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, two systems that frequently sustain injuries in auto accidents. When you are hurt, it makes sense to go to the type of doctor who can provide the right care.

In examination, we can determine where your tissue is injured, your vertebrae is out of alignment, and your nervous system is inflamed. Through chiropractic adjustments – and not pricey pain medication – we can soothe these injuries and restore wellness.

What to Expect With a Whiplash Chiropractor Sacramento

Our chiropractor deals with thousands of cases of auto accident injuries, such as whiplash – that’s how we came to be known as the whiplash chiropractor Sacramento.

For relief of whiplash and other auto accident injuries, we’ll adjust the spine. These adjustments take pressure off the muscles, ligaments, and nerves while relieving inflammation and pain. Adjustments are gentle yet effective

Chiropractic adjustments promote mobility and flexibility. If you suffer whiplash, you’ll regain range of motion through our treatments. As we relieve pain naturally, we’ll show you how to stretch and strengthen afflicted tissue so you remain in good health. We may also suggest physical therapy for your injuries, a service we offer.

Chiropractic adjustments strengthen your inner healing system, the nervous system. This helps your body self-regulate injuries and inflammation. When your nervous system is healthy, you can enjoy good health.

Visit a Sacramento Chiropractor

Now that you understand how a Sacramento chiropractor can help you after an auto accident, why not come in and meet with us? For a limited time only, we have a $79 new patient special to help you get the care you need while saving money. To learn more about this special deal or to reserve your visit, please call us at 916-925-2225.

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