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Sacramento Sports Chiropractor Review

Review on Back Pain Relief in Sacramento

Chiropractic treatment in Sacramento testimonials

Sacramento Chiropractic exam review

Review on Chiropractor in Sacramento

Back Pain treatment in Sacramento review

I started out hurting all over my body, but with your help I’m feeling like I used to feel when I was in my thirtys. Thank you!

- Adriana Montoya
Sacramento, CA

Keep up all your great work and its worth it all it makes me feel so much better when am all lined up :)

- Rosemary C.
Sacramento, CA

Dr. Gibson’s office is very efficient and professional. I came to the office in pain and left with a smile. The care I received was phenomenal and would recommend Dr.Gibson to anyone.

- Jovana M.
Sacramento, CA

How many of us can actually say that about a doctor’s visit??? Really? Dr. Gibson and his staff treat you like family. He spends a HUGE amount of time explaining your issues during the evaluation, then again after your initial treatments has started. Dr. Gibson is very proactive, responsive, and genuinely interested in your pain & concerns. As a former marketing person, I am VERY impressed with the amount of outreach services he performs on a monthly basis. His selfless service to his community is very commendable. His staff greets me each visit with courtesy and familiarity. Always a welcoming spirit!

- Ruth S.
Sacramento, CA

Dr. G cares!!!
The word passionate does not seem to emphasize enough how much Dr. Gibson cares about his patients and the quality of service that he provides. This is a man who cares about his practice & purposefully sets the standard that others in his industry should follow. Well done Dr. G!!!

- Sean K.
Sacramento, CA

Spent many years putting up with tingling in my feet and hands, burning in my leg and pain in my lower back because I thought Chiropractic care was akin to seeing a witch doctor or voodoo… Boy was I wrong… Huge difference, no more pain, better nights sleep. I should have seen Dr Gibson years ago. I highly recommend his services and would say that his care was worth every penny. The best investment I have made for myself.

- Steve C.
Sacramento, CA

Friendly staff and great chiropractic care. Patients are always greeted with a warm smile and they definitely make you feel like you’re a part of the Gibson Chiropractic Family. Feels like a “family doctor” and always shares insights and fun stories. I love that Dr. Gibson will “customize” my care based on what’s been going on in my life like moving, working long hours, long car rides, allergies, etc. Just tell him what ails you and he’ll aim to fix ya. :) Reasonable rates and very kind flexibility with scheduling. They understand that we are often very busy and work with us to arrange a convenient appointment time.

- Rebecca R.
Sacramento, CA

I have been going to Dr. Gibson for years now. When I first met him I was in pain daily. Headaches were a common occurrence for me and there was no end in sight for my chronic back pain. My mother had been to a chiropractor years before but I never understood why someone would let somebody crack their back! It looked like it hurt. Until one day I was working a home and garden show and my boss told me to go over and check out his booth. For some reason I got suckered into the new patient deal and ended up having xrays and a full exam done. To this day I am glad that I got suckered.
I no longer have the headaches because Dr. Gibson was the only Dr. who I’ve ever had who cared about why, not just the “lets put some meds in you and maybe it will go away.” He teaches you what causes it, and how to prevent it, and how to keep it from happening again. Dr. Gibson wants you to take an active role in maintaining your health. He’s very patient oriented and super professional. (And I always thank him for not making fun of me when he adjusts my neck, I wimper like a little kid every time because I “think” it’s going to hurt. But he helps remind me to breathe, wiggle my toes and relax).
The office staff is wonderful. They pretty much know every client by name, and I have no problems making an appointment when I need it. I always recommend Dr. Gibson to any one of my clients. I love the results that he has helped me achieve and I will be forever grateful to him and his staff for everything they have done for me.

- Lacey C.
Sacramento, CA

Been seeing Dr G for many years … met him at Cal Expo at a fair. Over time my flexibilty has increased ten-fold. And due to this I was able to survive a NASTY car accident. After which he did more X-rays and found a compression fracture that teh hospital MISSED!…Dr G helped me thru the rough period and I was back on the golf course and dancing like a go-go boy once again! Thanks!

- Mark S.
Sacramento, CA

This place is amazing! I’ll start with the staff: Caring, smart, educated and friendly. It’s obvious they put alot of time and effort into doing what they do. Amy seems to be the driving force behind this best I can tell and her and all the staff’s efforts definitely do not go unnoticed!
They have systems that work and they are constantly updating them and adding to them in an obvious effort to provide their patients with the best (and trust me I am a TOUGH critic, just see my other reviews if you don’t believe me!). It’s clear they have placed their time and money reinvesting in things that will enrich each patients care and experience.
Then Dr. Gibson: AMAZING! This is refreshingly great for me to see someone (finally!) who truly cares about their patients and genuinely loves what he does! He provides classes to improve the quality of your life and care after hours and goes above and beyond to be knowledgable about anything and everything Chiropractic (and more). I wish there were more Dr.’s like this (especially in all things medical!). Dr. Gibson takes the time to go over everything with you and answers any questions you have all the wile never making you feel like you are taking too much time or burdening him, he truly enjoys talking to patients and educating them for their future health.
You cannot go wrong with this office, they got it on lock! Highly recommend and enjoy my time here, I look forward to it.

- Rewind B.
Sacramento, CA

Love seeing Dr. Gibson!! I met him at a home show several years ago. He felt my spine and asked if I suffered from headaches. (I was a chronic headache suffer- daily!) I started seeing him and he fixed my headache issues! No more headaches for me! I keep up with my monthly maintenance plan and feel great!! In and out, quick! I love it!

- Amy C.
Sacramento, CA