Sports Injury FAQs

Sports Injury FAQs

Sports Injury FAQs Answered by Our Chiropractor in Sacramento

Although sports injuries are associated with high-level athletes, even ordinary activities can result in sports injuries. Therefore, you are always at risk of developing this type of injury, even if you have never spent a minute on the sports field. Our Sacramento chiropractor has provided the answers to come commonly asked questions about sports injuries asked here at Gibson Chiropractic.

Do I Have a Chronic or Acute Sports Injury?

You can develop either chronic or acute sports injuries, depending on your daily activities. Acute sports injuries tend to occur with trauma, like during harsh impacts or falls. Chronic injuries, on the other hand, develop most often due to repetitive motions. For example, regularly swinging a bat, tennis racquet or golf club can irritate or even damage the muscles and tendons in your arms, causing repetitive motion injuries like tennis elbow. Whether you have chronic or acute sports injuries, your chiropractor in Sacramento can help.

How Long Does It Take for Sports Injuries to Heal?

The type and severity of your sports injury determine its optimal healing time. The process can take weeks or months, depending on your injury specifics and ability to adhere to the treatment plan. If you follow the treatment plan assigned by your chiropractor, your chances of making a swift recovery are likely quite good.

Can I Make a Full Recovery from the Sports Injury?

In most cases, you can work toward making a full recovery from your sports injuries. Quickly acquiring chiropractic care at the first sign of an injury will make a big impact on your ability to heal fully from the damage. Following your strict treatment routine will also play a vital role in your recovery.

What Sports Injury Prevention Techniques Can I Use?

You can prevent sports injuries by properly stretching and warming up before completing physical activities of any kind. You should also take breaks often if you complete repetitive tasks all day at work or at home. Your chiropractor will provide personalized recommendations for the prevention of sports injuries during your care routine.

Contact Gibson Chiropractic in Sacramento for Sports Injury Relief and Prevention

If you would like to try chiropractic care for your sports injury, give our team at Gibson Chiropractic a call today at 916-925-2225. Our Sacramento chiropractors are available to assess the extent of your injuries and create a custom care plan for your complete recovery. Give us a call today for help with the prevention and treatment of sports injuries of all kinds.

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