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Personal Injury

Auto Accident in Sacramento

In many cases, auto accidents will result in personal injury to the neck, back, or other areas of the body that can be treated by a chiropractor.  In fact, although chiropractors represent only 5% of the total healthcare arena, they treat more personal injury cases than any other specialty.  In fact, 33% of all accident victims seek chiropractic care for personal injuries.

Whether or not you are the guilty part in an accident resulting in personal injury, it’s important to properly document all medical expenses so that you can be compensated by the responsible insurance company.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraud in the arena of personal injury claims to insurance companies, so claims of this nature are coming under an increasing amount of scrutiny.

Dr. Gibson has an extensive amount of experience treating victims of personal injury and auto accidents, and he understands how to work with insurance companies and attorneys so that your claim is processed smoothly.   He has a well-trained insurance department that handles all personal injury and auto accident cases, so you can rest assured that your case will be documented correctly.

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding chiropractic care of personal injury and auto accidents.

Can I be reimbursed by the liable person’s insurance company for chiropractic care in a personal injury case?

Yes, you can be compensated for chiropractic care in a personal injury or auto accident case as long as the care was necessary for the injury you received and the diagnosis and treatment are properly documented.

Does the length of treatment affect amount that an insurance company will pay for a personal injury case?

Possibly.  While longer treatments can indicate a more serious injury (and thus one requiring more compensation), due to the amount of fraud in the industry insurance companies tend to be suspicious of lengthy treatments.  That’s why it’s important to deal with a provider like Dr. Gibson that has experience dealing with insurance companies and treating personal injury cases.

Is chiropractic care appropriate for my personal injury or auto accident case?

Since 65% of accident injuries include musculoskeletal injuries such as whiplash, sprains, and strains, in many cases chiropractic care is an appropriate treatment.  However, this is something that can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.  If you think chiropractic care can help you, the best course of action would be to schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Gibson.