Preventing Your Lower Back Pain By Our Sacramento Chiropractor

Preventing Your Lower Back Pain By Our Sacramento ChiropractorA chiropractor in Sacramento can not only relieve your back pain, we can prevent recurrence. Learn about preventing back pain with chiropractic care today.

Causes & Symptoms of Lower Back Pain 

The many and varied causes of back pain include auto accidents, sports accidents, workplace injuries, repetitive strain injuries, poor posture, obesity, and muscle strain.

Sitting all day long can wreak havoc on your back. It’s no wonder so many Americans experience back pain due to the nature of work.

Symptoms of lower back pain include stiffness, decreased motion, and pain that lingers.

Since other conditions, such as sciatica and a herniated disc, can cause lower back pain, it’s important to do a full examination. Based on our findings, we’ll treat the pain symptoms you feel as well as any underlying cause of pain.

Chiropractic is the best method to relieve lower back pain, because it focuses on the mechanics of the muscles, ligaments, and joints. Chiropractic care uses no pain medication, which masks pain without treating the problem. If you want to leave back pain behind, restore the mobility of your back, and resume your favorite activities, come see our Sacramento chiropractor.

How Dr. Gibson Prevents Lower Back Pain 

After we relieve your lower back pain, our Sacramento chiropractor will focus on preventing back pain through strengthening your back.

We will show you corrective or blueprint exercises. When you perform these at home, you will strengthen your back and reduce pain.

We’ll also suggest lifestyle habits that can help you stay pain-free. For instance, we’ll work with you to improve your natural posture and we’ll recommend an ergonomic setup at work.

Combined with periodic tune-ups from our Sacramento chiropractor, these prevention measures can help you stay pain-free and enjoy good health.

See a Chiropractor in Sacramento 

Would you like to see our chiropractor in Sacramento for lower back pain relief? Reserve your appointment on our website, or call us today at 916-925-2225. If you are a new patient, don’t forget to ask about our $79 new patient special.

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