Managing Sciatic Nerve Pain with Chiropractic Care

Managing Sciatic Nerve Pain with Chiropractic CareSciatic nerve pain is often referred to as sciatica.  It occurs when there is a compression along the sciatic nerve.  This condition can result in lower back and leg pain.  Chiropractic care from our chiropractor in Sacramento can help manage your pain.

Methods for Controlling Sciatica Pain from our Sacramento Chiropractor

Our Sacramento chiropractor offers several treatments to help individuals manage sciatica pain, and can be combined to create a whole-body treatment program.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments involve the use of a smooth, swift force in order to realign misaligned vertebrae.  The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back, and injuries like herniated or bulging discs and inflammation from misaligned vertebrae can compress the sciatic nerve.  Chiropractic adjustments can help lower back pain by ensuring the vertebrae are correctly positioned and lowering inflammation around the previously misaligned spinal joint.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has proven extremely beneficial in controlling pain associated with a compressed sciatic nerve.  The exercises and stretches used in physical therapy can help strengthen weak core muscles that may be contributing to the pain, and there are specific exercises that can temporarily remove the pressure from the sciatic nerve during flare-ups.

Combination Approaches

Our chiropractor may utilize a combination approach when treating your lower back and leg pain.  During your first few sessions, you may simply receive chiropractic adjustments, but as you heal, our chiropractor may recommend specific exercises to improve your rate of healing and to strengthen your back muscles so that they are better able to support your spine.

Sciatica Treatment By Dr. Chris Gibson

Sciatica treatment in Sacramento from our chiropractor can help control your lower back pain so that you can perform your daily tasks and lead a more active lifestyle.  It all starts with a comprehensive evaluation that includes spinal testing in order to determine your exact back injuries and the severity of your condition.To schedule a chiropractic appointment with our chiropractor in Sacramento, call us at 916-925-2225.

How has chiropractic care helped you manage your sciatic nerve pain?

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