Lower Back Pain v. Sciatica: How to Tell the Difference

Lower Back Pain v. Sciatica: How to Tell the DifferencePain is your body telling you something is wrong. Before you seek sciatica treatment in Sacramento, find out whether the pain you feel indicates back pain or sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatic Nerve Pain vs. Back Pain

Lower back pain is a symptom of sciatica. However, if your only symptoms are pain in your back, you have a back issue and not sciatica.

Sciatica causes pain along the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down to your hips and buttocks, and then down your legs. You might feel pain in the legs, hips, or buttocks in addition to your back. Along with pain, some patients feel tingling or numbness, and others have muscle weakness. Sciatica patients typically experience pain on one side of the body, rather than both.

Symptoms of back pain include back muscle stiffness and tension, muscle spasms, muscle weakness, and limited mobility and flexibility. Back pain may feel like a chronic, low-grade ache or you can experience episodes of intense pain.

How Our Sacramento Chiropractor Treats Sciatica and Back Pain

The good news is our Sacramento chiropractor treats both sciatica and back pain using chiropractic adjustments. No matter what your symptoms indicate, we can help you.

With new patients, our chiropractor in Sacramento takes a health history and performs an exam, then diagnoses your pain.

For sciatica treatment in Sacramento, chiropractic adjustments relieve nerve impingements by freeing up the sciatic nerve. If there’s an underlying cause of your sciatica, like a slipped disc, treating the cause provides effective sciatica relief in Sacramento.

With back pain treatment, we realign the spine using chiropractic. Spinal subluxations cause pain, interfere with the nervous system, and cause muscle tension and irritability. Our adjustments restore your quality of life by restoring your spinal integrity and healing your nervous system.

See a Chiropractor in Sacramento

Our chiropractor in Sacramento offers a free new patient consultation. Come in, meet us, and learn about sciatica relief in Sacramento with no risk. To reserve your consultation, call us or sign up on our website.

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