Identifying the Symptoms of Whiplash From Your Sacramento Chiropractor, Dr. Gibson

Identifying the Symptoms of Whiplash From Your Sacramento Chiropractor, Dr. GibsonOne of the more common injuries sustained in auto accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is a straining of the that occurs when the head moves rapidly on the neck, either back and forth or side to side. The sudden impact that often happens during a car accident can cause whiplash. But how do you know if you’ve suffered whiplash and how can our chiropractor in Sacramento at Gibson Chiropractic help treat whiplash and its symptoms?

See Our Whiplash Chiropractor Sacramento ASAP

One of the mistakes many patients make following a car accident is failing to see our chiropractor in Sacramento promptly following their incident. Initial symptoms of whiplash may only be minor stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Many will choose to “tough it out”, which can be a big mistake both financially and physically. It is important our chiropractor in Sacramento document your injuries as being accident related for insurance or even legal purposes.

Symptoms of whiplash can be much more far reaching than just simple stiffness in the neck, however. Whiplash can cause complete immobility in the neck and shoulders. Whiplash may result in headaches and nausea. Patients may experience tingling or numbness in the extremities. In some cases, whiplash can be the cause of sleeplessness and irritability. If you have any of these symptoms following an auto injury accident, contact our auto injury chiropractor in Sacramento at Gibson Chiropractic.

How Our Sacramento Chiropractor Can Help

The neuromusculoskeletal system is a complex network of muscles, nerves, bones, and connective tissue. When it gets out of alignment, it can cause significant problems to a variety of areas of the body. Chiropractic care seeks to realign this system to help restore the body to wellness. Through physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, Comprehensive Energy Psychology and nutritional support, our whiplash chiropractor Sacramento and his team can help without the use of drugs or surgery.

If you think you may have sustained whiplash, make an appointment with our Sacramento chiropractor at Gibson Chiropractic today by calling 916-925-2225. Gibson Chiropractic is located at 2906 Darwin Street in Sacramento, CA.

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