How Your Sacramento Chiropractor Can Help With Symptoms of Sciatica

How Your Sacramento Chiropractor Can Help With Symptoms of SciaticaSciatic nerve pain is a result of the longest nerve in the body being irritated causing discomfort or pain. Dr. Chris Gibson provides sciatica treatment in Sacramento for acute and chronic sciatic nerve pain. Chiropractic care is a reliable method for pinched nerve pain relief in Sacramento.

Common Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Back pain and leg pain are two of the most common signs and symptoms of sciatic nerve pain. People commonly report they will be walking along and their leg “gives out” on them. This is due to the sciatic nerve being pinched between the vertebrae. Even sitting or resting will sometimes cause pain or discomfort in the glutes and legs.

Pinched Nerve Pain Relief in Sacramento

Our Sacramento chiropractor provides pinched nerve pain relief in Sacramento by evaluating your sciatic nerve pain. Because the sciatic nerve extends from the lower back all the way to the toes, you could be experiencing symptoms along this route. Our chiropractor in Sacramento, Dr. Chris Gibson determines your pain at the source to treat both the underlying cause and offer relief of symptoms.

Common Sciatica Treatment in Sacramento 

Your Sciatica treatment in Sacramento will likely include x-rays and spinal adjustments as well as at-home exercises. Our Sacramento chiropractor may suggest spinal decompression to treat your leg pain. For this treatment you will lie on a table where a small distractive force will be applied to create space for the pinched sciatic nerve to be “freed”. Several decompression adjustments will free the sciatic nerve and provide back pain relief. This treatment stretches the area so nutrients that heal the associated tissues can freely flow to the area as well.

Ready to Heal From Sciatic Nerve Pain with Our Chiropractor in Sacramento?

For over 20 years, Gibson Chiropractic has been offering the greater Sacramento community full service chiropractic care. Are you ready to experience sciatica relief in Sacramento? Please call Dr. Chris Gibson, your chiropractor in Sacramento to schedule an appointment.

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