Dr. Gibson Voted One of Top 3 Chiropractors in Sacramento

Dr. Gibson Voted One of Top 3 Chiropractors in SacramentoSACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gibson Chiropractic has been voted as one on of the top 3 chiropractors in Sacramento. The contest was held by CityVoter and included 88 chiropractors in the area. Reviews on their page for the practice say that the doctor truly listens to patients, provides relief that others cannot, and explains issues well.

Every year, CityVoter runs a contest in which residents vote for the best of the businesses in their areas. Based on the reviews, this is based heavily on Dr. Chris S. Gibson’s personality and high level of patient satisfaction. He is said to be both a great listener and a great explainer, and these are two areas where other doctors tend to struggle. As can be expected, many voters also praise the excellent results they get from his treatments.

“I believe that a doctor can’t be as effective as possible if he or she doesn’t listen to what patients are saying. How can treatment be precise enough to get the job done without precise information? This sort of information comes from listening to what patients are saying instead of just running tests. I also believe that patients who fully understand their conditions and treatment plans will be less anxious and more likely to follow their plan than those who are just ordered around. All in all, I do my best to avoid a robotic practice style,” said Dr. Gibson of Gibson Chiropractic.

As can be expected, spinal adjustments are the main line of treatment for a chiropractor, and Dr. Gibson is a practitioner of the Diversified adjusting technique and the Gonstead technique. Gibson Chiropractic also offers a number of other services meant to restore or support health without the use of drugs or surgery. Physical therapy involving the muscles and nutritional support are among the available services.

By offering a variety of therapies and services, Gibson Chiropractic can provide an integrated approach to health issues. This results in a fast reduction in pain and accelerated healing.

About Gibson Chiropractic

This clinic is home to Dr. Chris S. Gibson, who is known for his excellent interpersonal style with patients as well as his ability to eliminate pain. He is a second generation chiropractor, and has been practicing chiropractic for over 25 years in the same location and is one of the most experienced in Sacramento.

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