Lower Back Pain in SacramentoWhen every move you make seems to produces lower back pain, you know you’re in trouble. Pain in this hardworking area of the spine can wreak havoc on your work, home life, sleep and overall quality of life. That’s when you need to see our chiropractor in Sacramento, Dr. Chris S. Gibson, for natural solutions to help your lower back pain.

Why Your Lower Back Is Bothering You

Lower back pain can stem from many kinds of underlying causes. These include:

Acute injuries – Acute injuries can hurt your lower back in a variety of ways all at once. An auto accident, for example, can force your lumbar vertebrae out of condition, with the resulting pressure causing a herniated disc that pinches major nerve roots. (When the sciatica nerve is involved, you may have leg pain as well as lower back pain.) At the same time, muscles and connective tissues can be twisted or wrenched producing strains and sprains.

Chronic pain conditions – Many chronic and/or age-related spinal conditions can cause lower back pain. Bulging discs, which have flattened out over time due to loss of hydration, are a prime example. Not only can these discs herniate, but their loss of height strains the facet joints of the vertebrae, eventually causing spinal osteoarthritis. Bone spurs, spondylolisthesis and stenosis can all put pressure on spinal nerve tissue, resulting in lower back pain.

Workplace ergonomics – Your work environment could be causing or aggravating your lower back pain. If you’re always bending, turning or twisting from the waist to perform the same tasks over and over, you may develop overuse injuries that strain the muscles supporting the spine.

Postural, alignment and lifestyle issues – Poor posture can encourage weak back muscles and put excess strain on certain muscle groups while also promoting vertebral misalignment. (Conversely, an untreated spinal misalignment can cause you to adopt an abnormal posture.) Overeating and lack of exercise may also lead to excess weight, which places even more stress on the spine.

Natural Paths to Back Pain Relief

Some people force themselves to “just live with” their lower back pain because they’re terrified to undergo major, anatomy-altering spinal surgery. But our Sacramento chiropractor can provide back pain relief through a variety of natural, non-surgical healing modalities.

After our spinal evaluations and range of motion testing help us identify the specific source of your pain, we can address that issue with the appropriate treatment methods. Chiropractic adjustments such as Diversified and Gonstead Techniques can restore normal joint and disc positions, releasing compressed nerve tissue and permitting a straighter posture. Our Sacramento chiropractor may also prescribe physical therapy and sports taping to rehabilitate injured tissues, as well as lifestyle and ergonomic adjustments to help you be kinder to your lower back.

Schedule Non-Invasive Lower Back Pain Treatment in Sacramento

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