Suffering from a golf injury can be devastating, even if you are not a professional or even a semi-pro. Thankfully, novices and professionals alike can get help for treating golf-related injuries from Gibson Chiropractic in Sacramento.

The Most Common Golf Injuries Treated by a Chiropractor 

Many types of golf injuries plague athletes just like you. When they happen, good chiropractic care is essential for ensuring that they don’t take you out of the game for too long. Generally, these injuries include issues with the arm, wrist, back, and waist. That’s because these areas are the most commonly stressed by your golf swing. The most common golf injuries include:

  • Severe Lower Back Pain – Walking and bending at the waist while golfing can cause acute back pain, mainly if your stance is improper.
  • Golfer’s Elbow – This problem affects the elbow and is usually caused by a poor golf stance. It will cause stabilization issues in your elbow that are hard to manage.
  • Shoulder Discomfort – Your shoulders are surprisingly crucial for a successful golf swing. However, you may be using them too much in your swing and causing severe pain.
  • Wrist Problems – Swinging a golf club is not easy on your wrist, and amateur or beginner golfers often put excessive strain on their wrist by missing the ball and taking extreme swings.

How You Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care for a Golf Injury

Managing a golf injury is made easier with treatment from an experienced chiropractor. Your chiropractor knows precisely where golf injuries occur in the body and can take steps to ensure that they don’t get worse. Even better, they can improve your game by providing you with detailed information on where and why your stance fails. In this way, you can better understand where your golf injuries occur. High-quality chiropractic care for sports injuries include:

  • Examining your posture to see where your injuries are occurring
  • Improving your form to avoid future injuries, such as getting you to stop using your shoulders so much when you swing
  • Increasing your core strength to strengthen your stance, thereby improving your posture and your golf game even more
  • Treating pain as it happens and manage serious concerns, such as dislocated vertebrae
  • Subtly manipulating the bones, vertebrae, and muscles in your body to prevent injuries and eliminate pain

Contact Our Chiropractor in Sacramento for Golf Injury Treatment 

If you are a golfer experiencing these types of injuries, you should contact a chiropractor as soon as possible. Call Gibson Chiropractic in Sacramento at 916-943-4250 to get access to some of the most caring and professional pain specialists on the market. We serve Sacramento and the surrounding areas and have helped many golfers and athletes deal with severe sports injuries for over a decade.