Chiropractic Advice for Christmas

Christmas a happy season but might also bring fair amount of physical as well emotional aches and pain.  Today I want to share a few tips that will make your Christmas a happy one.


1- Wrap SensiblyChiropractic Advice for Christmas

Before sitting down for a wrapping session, set up your work station.  Wrapping at a kitchen counter or on an ironing board, the ironing board technique means you can bring it up to the right height for you.   Sitting is the best position, but don’t sit for too long and don’t overstretch to reach things.  Sitting on the floor is a no-no, you’ll be regretting that move on Christmas morning.


2- Relax 

Back pain in December can often be stress-related. The pressure we put on ourselves to create the perfect Christmas can really take its tool and tension can build, snuggle on the sofa with a movie or listen to your favorite music, wrap up warm and head out for a lovely walk while listening to an uplifting podcast or music.  Do some restorative exercise such as yoga, practice some breathing techniques and meditation. Try to keep your nervous system calm.


3- Bend your Knees

Christmas time can involve lots of lifting, heavy bag carrying, decorating, rearranging furniture.  Always remember  to bend your knees when picking something up from the floor.


4- Go out for a Walk

A gentle walk with help aid digestion of that special holiday food, keep your body moving so that you don’t stiffen all day.  A good game is a fun activity with the family too.


Gibson Chiropractic can provide further stretches, exercises or call to set up a new patient appointment today!!!



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