Back Pack Safety with Your Chiropractor in Sacramento

Back Pack Safety with Your Chiropractor in SacramentoOnce again, it is time to send your child back to school with supplies and books in tow. One concern that our chiropractor in Sacramento often hears from our clients is how they can help their child use the best backpack safety tips to avoid unnecessary injury, discomfort, and fatigue. Like all loving parents, you want them to go in comfort with everything they need throughout the day so they can learn and have fun with their classmates.

Dr. Chris Gibson Can Help Ease Your Mind and Your Child’s BackPack Load

At Gibson Chiropractic, our Sacramento chiropractor, Dr. Gibson, along with the rest of our chiropractic team, helps our clients with the overstuffed backpack issue each year. We don’t want to have to start treating your little ones any sooner than necessary, but the fact is that, as convenient as backpacks are, they run the risk of straining kids’ muscles and joints, leading to back pain. According to The American Chiropractic Association (ACA), kids should not carry any more than 5-10 percent of their body weight in their backpacks. Any weight over that amount can cause upper and lower back pain, stress, and strain to the neck and shoulders, and poor posture.

Keep these tips in mind when buying and loading your child’s backpack:

  • Buy a medium-sized backpack, as opposed to a roomy one, that only allows for so many items to prevent overstuffing.
  • Check to make sure your child’s backpack does not hang too low at four inches below the waistline since, at that point, it is likely to tug at their shoulders.
  • Encourage your child to use both straps on each arm, instead of slinging the bag over one shoulder, for balance.

Our Pediatric Chiropractic in Sacramento Is Here to Help 

Do you have more questions about your child’s spinal care or other school-related safety measures? Contact our pediatric chiropractic in Sacramento to learn more.

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